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HippMAMA belt in action HippMAMA belt in action HippMAMA belt in action HippMAMA belt in action

How the HippMAMA was invented!

Hi. My name is Shannon and I am the inventor of the HippMAMA belt. It all started after my second child was born, who joined his two year old sister, in completing our family. With two young children, I would run from one room to the next in my house retrieving bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, rattles, cell phone, baby monitor, tissues, even a snack or two! I never seemed to have everything that I needed. So I thought-- why not create a practical yet stylish and chic belt that could carry everything around my “hipps.” Then, the baby/mommy essentials would always be at easy reach! I could go anywhere in the house, to the park, for a walk, or even grocery shopping and leave the diaper bag behind! Let’s face it, it’s great to have something that can make our day go a little smoother.

My belt is designed with five pouches of variable sizes and styles, a clip for keys, and a bib/burp cloth ring. The pouches Velcro on and off on the belt. This allows you to use as many pouches as you would like and to place them anywhere around the belt that is comfortable and convenient for you. The pouches are made of durable neoprene material and completely Velcro-close on top. There is even a hidden zipper ID pouch connected within the snack size pouch! The whole belt is designed with the modern MAMA in mind. We all know how demanding a mother’s day is. It is time we created something to make that day easier. Men have their tool belt and ladies now have their HippMAMA.

The HippMAMA belt can also be worn for other purposes, such as to the health club, the store, gardening, etc.

I hope you will love the HippMAMA as much as I do!!

Have fun with your kids :)